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In the coming years, we will be engaged in a huge and extensive project. Despite the current crisis climate, we are focusing on new social opportunities and growth. Straight from the heart of Rotterdam, we will make an all-out effort to build a futuristic settlement, using sustainable technology. The New Forest (TNF) will create a comprehensive connection between trade and industry, science, education, public administration, advertisers, art and audience. TNF’s developments can be followed step by step on a continuously expanding on-line platform. (On-line is leading!!)

Within this actual and virtual TNF infrastructure, we will investigate major social issues by experiment: democracy, health care, legislation, energy, codes of conduct, quality of life and sex. In the coming four years, we will investigate these subjects and many others, with a series of new theatre productions on tour through the Netherlands, Europe and further afield. Subsequently, the results of these will be highlighted in TNF.

Together with sociologist Willem Schinkel, we will start with The New Forest-The Beginning in February 2013. This will be a documentary performance, which will tour various theatres in the Netherlands and Belgium. See here for credits and playlist.
In May 2013, The New Forest will officially be opened in Rotterdam’s concrete heart.
The New Forest has been made possible by Housing Corporation Havensteder, Bureau ZUS, KesselsKramer, AVIA, Rizoom, Hofbogen BV, Theatre Rotterdam, Veenfabriek, KVS Brussel, NTGent, Münchner Kammerspiele, Hebbel Am Ufer, LAPD/REDCAT Los Angeles, Fonds Podiumkunsten (Performing Arts Fund) and the municipality of Rotterdam – and possibly many others in due course.

Hereby, you are warmly invited to visit TNF.

Four more years..., the best is yet to come: THE NEW FOREST



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